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Holbrook Swim
c/o 5 Lewis Lane
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07563 752656

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Management Committee
Holbrook Swim Management Committee positions are elected and open to all members declaring an interest. The club only continues to exist with ongoing support from all of its members and this includes the roles of Holbrook Swim Management Committee and Trustees. The current committee are:-

Chair: Pam Tunbridge
Vice Chair: Dan Harris
Treasurer: Simone Ferguson
Secretary: Simone Ferguson
Safeguarding Officer: Sarah Thomas
Committee Members: Emily Allinson, Natasha Hackett, Jo Joyce, Gemma Wright and Hayley Lewis
Trustees: Simone Ferguson, Pam Tunbridge and Emily Allinson
The current committee would like to say a massive thank you to all the past teachers, committee members, trustees, helpers, swimmers and anyone else who have helped make Holbrook Swim what it is today.

Super humeris gigantium stamus.